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Maintenance items should not require a cost to be seen

Cliff Bar 5 years ago updated by Adrian 4 years ago 3

I regularly maintain my vehicle. This means that I'll check the fluids, tire pressure, and such, in a parking lot somewhere. I don't take the car to a repair shop for something that minor. I want to still track that I have done that maintenance. However, because it technically costs me 0, it doesn't show up in the "costs log" when I enter it.

Will there be any consideration given to tracking general maintenance that don't incur a cost? Right now my workaround is to make it cost 0.01. Maybe a separate list of service/maintenance items?

Under review


Yes. I know about this issue. It's working but not for reminders. If you add cost with zero price without reminder you'll see it in the cost's list.

Probably you want reminders to be visible also in the cost's list?

Wonderfull app. Perhaps if we could have a kind of reminders for maintenance. Like brakes changing, tires, oil, etc... Thanks for your good job.

But you have it already. YOu can set reminder to any item in any category. You can set reminder based on distance (odo counter) or date. Or if you want to add monthly reminder - you can set it.