No decimal fraction / Edition concerns

Michał Fita 12 years ago updated by Thomas 3 years ago 6
  1. No decimal fraction available for trip and odo meter - this cause application unusable for me.
  2. No change odo <-> trip meter during edition, I by mistake entered odo instead of trip and cannot change it. Important usability issue.

Wish I was able to use decimals too. That way I would get a bit more precise measurements, when I'm using my scooter and my bike.


I want decimals for odometer as well (at least one decimal place) !! Other than that so far the app is great.


I am looking at buying this app and would like to see at least one digit after the decimal point in both the odometer and trip meter. Again for accuracy. Any chance of this happening soon?

Will this feature be implemented? This is keeping me from using and buying this app.

In my school level mathematical class, I have a very passion for study decimal and fractions.No decimal fraction available for trip and odometer this cause application   private rijksmuseum tour unusable for me. Thank you for being part of this site.

Both work at this time.

For decimal point, we currently have to use the . instead of ,

For odo <-> trip meter change, there's no feedback of the change until we save.