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Marcin Śmiech fa 5 anys updated by Adrian fa 1 any 9

Could you help me how to edit/view existed reminders (only reminder without cost data)?

Only option is to add a new reminder without the cost and then after saving I can show list of all reminders.

Thanky you for the help.

Under review

Nie bardzo rozumiem. Powinien być widoczny. W przypomnienia wchodzimy z głownego ekranu i kółka z liczbą. Tak robisz?
Dodałeś i nie ma? Może to jakiś bug. Jeśli możesz to powtórzyć koniecznie mi napisz co mam zrobić żeby to sprawdzić i potwierdzić.

Dzięki za odpowiedź. Niestety nie widzę na głównym ekranie kółka z liczbą.

Mam jedno podejrzenie co do tego! Możesz dodać chociaż jedno tankowanie?

Musisz dodać tankowanie i pojawi się na pewno.


I probably have this same problem: I cannot get to the list of reminders. The only time I saw the list is after adding some reminder.

I am using a new fresh installation of Fuelio on my phone; I have just added one "Cost" and one "Reminder (only)"

Any help?

Probably you need to add fillup to see this. Please, check also timeline if it's not there.

I will try when I fill-up. But this should not happen, please consider correcting it.

The timeline currently only shows the cost that I have added.

Great app, but Nikos is correct. I have entered one of my vehicles being a trailer (Boat trailer)... no fuel usage - had to add fuel usage as 1 itre and odo as 1km. but that brought back the list of reminders, thanks.

What would be A1 would be to have a global view of reminders between all the vehicles/units or calendar view.


Reminders logic changed in 7.6. I hope it's much better. You can try it from beta channel.