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First Fill up, Wrong "Average fuel consumption" in Stats

Sebastian R 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2
what is the correct way for input the first fill up of a new car?
I have bought a new car. There was about 7 kilometers on the tacho and still some fuel in the tank (perhaps about 10 or 15 liters, don't know how much exactly) when i fill up the first time. I filled up until max, wrote the data into fuelio and checked the option "Missed previous". Now after 2nd and 3rd fill up, I recognized that the calculated data of "average fuel consumption" under Stats seems not calculated correctly, it's much to low.
Any suggestions what I can do to get the correct values?

Under review
Probably you have checked "missed preious" option in your first fillup. Uncheck it. This option is only for fillups that are added later. Not the first one.

Do not used "missed previous". I need to remove it while you are adding first fillup.

Oh yes.. That was the problem. Works like a charm now, after I unchecked the "missed previous" Option. Thank you Very much for the fast response!