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chuck coffman 5 years ago updated by Adrian 5 years ago 1
One suggestion I'd like to make. I track one vehicle 🚗 but break down expenses by a set period of time. I have been doing this by entering a new vehicle each period. e. g. My car 1, my car 2, my car 3 etc… This allows me to compare costs period to period. I would like to see a way where the app can do this, or a way to merge the data so you can not only compare from one period to the next but cam also see what the lifetime total expenses etc are. It's still one of the top 10 apps available. Thanks for developing it.
Under review
Thanks for your suggestion. I want to add possiblity to filter dates in stats and even something more. For tracking costs, you can also use your own categories (you can create your own categories). Maybe it's better than creating new vehicles.