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Changing date crashes fuelio

Antti Savinen 5 years ago updated by Adrian 5 years ago 9
Changing date on cost or fill up pops up android date dialog and crashes fuelio immediately. Repeatable. I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it, but didn't fix it. Fuelio version 5.0.3. I've sent several android bug reports after crash.

Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9506) Latest stock rom (5.0.1). Language: Finnish
Under review
Thanks for your report. Finally I've got someone. I don't what going on with this. I can' reproduce this bug. Can you tell me full path - what are you doing. From the start of the app? This should be fixed.
Well basically I just try to change the date on cost or fill up. Either when I'm inserting one, or modifying existing entry.
Scenario 1:
  • Open fuelio
  • Press + to add an entry (cost, or fill up)
  • Press date
  • Date dialog opens up and I get notification pop-up: "fuelio has stopped (send report / OK)"
  • Pressing OK lands me back to where I launched fuelio => Fuelio crashes.
Scenario 2:
  • Open fuelio
  • Open existing fill up, or cost entry
  • Long press to modify
  • Press date
  • Date dialog opens up and I get notification pop-up: "fuelio has stopped (send report / OK)"
  • Pressing OK lands me back to fill up or cost list, so Fuelio doesn't crash completely
Hope this help to fix the issue.

Thanks. OK. This looks bad. I can't reproduce it on my devices. I've got 5 devices. From Samsung at the moment S2. So probably this is something in newer versions of Samsung's API.

Of course this should be fix. I need to find what's going on.

Can you give me more details about your android version. Number from settings.
Fuelio is the latest one 5.0.3

Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9506)
  • Android version 5.0.1
  • Core / Kernel version: 3.4.0-4723452
Thanks in advance!

I'm reading about it and it looks like it's Samsung issue. Looking for a workaround.
Could you send me an email (to this one from Play Store). I'll send you .apk and you'll tell me if it's working. I'm working on this issue but I can't test it because like I said I didn't have this problem.

I'm playing whole day with it. I've even registered at Samsung Developers site to get access to devices. I've tested all of them. No issue. But they've got a little bit newer version of Android if this is Android 5.0.

I've Googled this issue and it's on official Android reports - but it's closed and marked as Samsung bug (not Google).

Mail me I'll send you a little bit changed .apk to test.

I've been mailing all day with author of this thread. Thank you Antii.

OK. I've got confirmation. This is Samsung issue and it's hard to do anything.
At the moment there is no fix for that. DatePicker is using some locales which are missing in your ROM.

You can easily check other apps using DatePicker - even apps from Google - not the Samsung. For example Contacts or People app.

Temporary fix is to change language in your phone to English for example.

And you need to waint until Samsung will fix this issue.

Good news is - I've tested today all devices from Remote Samsung Labs (remote connection to physical devices) and they are working OK. DatePickers are working OK. So in new version of Android this issue is fixed.