Incorrect MPG (US)

M C 7 years ago updated by Adrian 7 years ago 13
US mpg looks incorrect. For instance, I used 8.91 gallons and added 199 miles - mpg should be 22.33, it shows 22.31. Last time, I drove 276 miles and used 11 gallons - mpg should be 25.09, it shows 25.07. Can you into that? Otherwise, I love the app, much cleaner interface than other fuel apps (I'm a big fan of light themes!)

Could post here your data. I'll check it. This is possible due to some unit's roundings but the error shouldn't be larger than 0.02. 

Here is a screenshot of my entries so far. I don't think there should be any rounding, miles and gallons both have 2 decimals. The result is the only number that could maybe get rounded. 

Thanks for your help!

There are some roundings. But like I said this shouldn't be higher that 0.02. In many countries these some values have 3 decimals. 

Maybe I should create special position in settings. It's a little bit problamatic.

Your CSV could be useful for some tests.

I can attach it if that would help. Let me know.

That would be great.

Hmm... how do I attach a CSV? I see you can attach pics and videos...

Can you please let me know how to attach a CSV? Can't seem to find a way... :(

Try to put it on Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link.

Thanks, I'll upload to Google Drive tomorrow.

Actually here you go: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByR4ttvt4O4eZEJERXhuOUdPeG8/edit?usp=sharing (I don't use Google Docs ever, so I hope that link works).

Let me know if you need anything else. :)

Hi! Any updates on this issue? ...

I'll try to take a closer look in december. But this is just from some roundings. There could be difference when the prices are .999 for example.

I see that in other apps there is special option to (-0.02) from fuel consumption (which is strange and I don't undestand it). The difference shoudn't be larger than ~0.02.

I need more test data.