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List of items under cost

doombunny 4 года назад • обновлен István Máté 3 года назад 5

Maybe you should consider adding feature to add list of items in cost.

Ex. When you do some service or maintenance on the car to list what have you changed

Additional option could be to list price for every item.

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I don't know if it's a good thing - too detailed in my opinion. But I've got it already on my ideas table. In my opinion scan of invoice/receipt is better solution.

I agree that scanning is better solution. But there is many different possibilities for list of done things. The service I used last just gave me one A4 sheet with the list (no bullets, no order, just new lines).

I can make notes field multiline enabled. I'll check it.

Maybe that is the easiest and most practical solution. I realized that I need this feature when I wanted to see what have I changed last time I was to the mechanic.

I also support having multiple services in one entry. Just tried to transition from acar, and this is the biggest incompatibility. I just could separate each entry, but I don't have the receipts for the older entries, and acar stored only the final cost...

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