Reoccurring cost not working

Stephan Hoogenboom 6 years ago updated by Adrian 6 years ago 1

I have been using the fuelio app for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with the fuel logging capabilities.

Now i am trying to add the other costs (insurances, taxes) however the reoccurring cost feature does not seem to be working. I.e. when i try to add insurance from February this year, and select monthly occurrence, it will add the cost for February and not the subsequent months.

Sorry for my late answer. I didn't get an e-mail from userecho. 

This is OK. I've been thinking about what is the best way to do that. To add your past costs - you need to do it manually. But future costs will be added automatically. Costs from the past you need to add manually. 

This is because you can easily delete single monthly cost and it won't break your log.