Fuel log and mileage tracking app for Android

Track your fill-ups, fuel consumption, fuel costs and save money. Fuelio is FREE and available in the Android Market.

Fuelio web interface

Andrea Porfiri 5 years ago • updated by JoRoGe 1 year ago 2

It would be great if a web interface would be available, where I can monitor and share my mileage with others! ;)

I don't know if it's possibile, but also a sync with spritmonitor.de would be great!


No decimal fraction / Edition concerns

Michał Fita 5 years ago • updated by Scott8 3 years ago 4
  1. No decimal fraction available for trip and odo meter - this cause application unusable for me.
  2. No change odo <-> trip meter during edition, I by mistake entered odo instead of trip and cannot change it. Important usability issue.

Syncing between users sharing vehicles would be nice.

Kevin Kiejko 3 years ago • updated by Simon Trigona 1 year ago 1
My wife and I hav

e two vehicles and sometimes we swap and fill up each others vehicle which makes it a pain to track using our current fuel logging app. Could your app support syncing specific vehicles between two or more users? 

Dark theme

Matthieu Remacle 5 years ago • updated by Adrian 1 year ago 3
It would be nice to have a dark theme, to match the ICS colors...



Multiple users

Søren Juul 4 years ago 0
How well does this app work with multiple users? We are two people fuelling the car, and it would be great if we could both be able to enter the data from our phone.

Can I import from aCar app exported data?

Cαяłøs 4 years ago 0

Do you know if I export data from anoher app (aCar), will I be able to import it into fuelio?


Suggestion: "Sync" button on the main screen.

Jeremy Ouyang 5 years ago • updated by Andres Calderon 2 years ago 1


I love this app. It would be great if you can create a "Sync" button on the main screen.

The scenario is, I am having multiple devices and doing input on all of them. From time to time I don't remember what device I used to input last time. I need to do a manual download from Google Drive to make sure data on my current device is the latest, otherwise I might overwrite something. The problem is, "download" button is quite deep in the setting manual. It would be great to have a "Sync" or "Download" button right on the starting screen.

Thanks for the great app!




Bi Fuel

Tasos Isopoulos 3 years ago • updated by Adrian 2 years ago 5
Can you please inform me when are you plan to release new edition of your program with dual fuel???
My Car is running with Gasoline 95 octain and Autogas

Thank you
Under review

Yearly costs option

Karl Tremain 2 years ago • updated by Fearloos 2 years ago 2
Please add an option to be able to add costs as yearly, not just one off or monthly.


Giacomo Frezza 3 years ago • updated by Adrian 5 months ago 22
Reminders should be separate from costs, like for acar or mycar. Also should have opportunity to set number of months and every total numbers of km