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But please, also tell me. What are your current settings for units (km/m, l/100km, mpg (uk), gallons (uk), litres).

Before entering values to mileage log be sure to set units first. 

Probably you have added fill-ups using bad units settings but give us your detailed log. I'll check it.

It's hard to say is it bug. On the screen it looks good (comparing to your min and max fuel economy). I need to take a look at your fill-ups. Fuel consumption was fixed and tested in many ways. It should be good.

Maybe you have checked fill-ups as full even when they were partially?

Please, send me your CSV and tell me what units are you using.

You should have your car's units set before adding any fill-ups.

Thanks for your feedback.

1) This is strange. But this will be rewritten. This is first time insert data problem. After importing CSV file - try to calculate you data - click on "Stats". Now go to "Mileage Log". Everything should be OK now. 

2) Of course, everything could be done better, but at the moment I'd like to leave it as it is. I've got many positive reactions about log's view. In future I'd like to add options for changing log's view.

2b) Yes. This is missing. Added to my TODO list. 

3) This is TRUE. This is on my TODO list and it's waiting. There will be cache of stats.

4) This is how chart library works. You can scroll horizontally. But I know, there should be small tutorial how to do that. 

Here's an example: http://youtu.be/2DfEyIH3GMI

Tap on chart, move your finger up and the move left-right.

5,6) I'm working at the moment on "Costs" module. You'll be able to add other vehicle costs, not only fuel. There will be categories and reminders in future.

  1. I'm thinking about adding in "Settings" "Default Car". I was also thinking about adding (something like "add" widget in PRO version) possibility to create shortcut not only to "Add" view but to others view ex. Mileage Log. You cound create shortcuts for all of your cars.
  2. Scrolling should be fine. There is no cache only after adding fill-up. This is on my TODO list, but at the moment its priority is not hight. Try to run "Stats", app will calculate some of your data and the go to "Mileage Log". Now performance should be OK.
  3. Yes. This is actually Activity Name. This should be easy to change
  4. I don't understand the last one issue.
Thanks for your reports.

  • I can't reproduce first issue on my device. I thought this bug was killed in the newest version.
  • Second issue - confirmed. I never use this format ".98". Unfortunatelly default format is with leading "zero" before dot. But I'll try to fix this. 
Thanks for your reports. I know, importing CSV is buggy. There is no sample format and I know that users have problem with it.

You could send me your csv and I will convert it to Fuelio format. 
I know I should add thread. Dropbox import has thread while importing CSV. Standard import will also be fix.

690 lines, big file. Fuelio doesn't have date/time limit at the moment. Now you could try to split your file (for example) per year ex. Car 2010, Car 2011 for better perfomance. 

In most cases CSV import crashes if you have wrong CSV format. I need to add some more exceptions (I've already did it in my local version of app).

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