Your comments

Yes. I forgot to tell you that. This should fix your problem.Like I said before. In future this shoudn't happen. 

I don't understand but maybe you're talking about fuel calculator. To calculate cost for your trip. This is on my TODO list.

Please mail me. You've probably imported old .db backup to in new version. Database schema changed in new version.

It won't happen again - now when I'll change database schema export filename will change. 

Just send me your .db file. Export your data to .db and I'll upgrade your database manually. 

What keyboard? I see no links. Fuelio uses your system keyboard. 

This could be done in future. Shoudn't be a problem. 

In my opinion the next fill-up looks strange. Not the one with 50l of petrol. The next one should be partial.

I'm using this algorithm because it's the most accurate. 

OK. I've imported your data. I think it's OK but you have probably check "Full fill-up" by mistake (2012-08-10). 

You can check other apps with your data. I've got the same results. Probably you need to check that 2012-08-10 is not full fill-up and you need more "full fill-up" values to see charts and mpg.

But please, also tell me. What are your current settings for units (km/m, l/100km, mpg (uk), gallons (uk), litres).

Before entering values to mileage log be sure to set units first. 

Probably you have added fill-ups using bad units settings but give us your detailed log. I'll check it.

It's hard to say is it bug. On the screen it looks good (comparing to your min and max fuel economy). I need to take a look at your fill-ups. Fuel consumption was fixed and tested in many ways. It should be good.

Maybe you have checked fill-ups as full even when they were partially?

Please, send me your CSV and tell me what units are you using.

You should have your car's units set before adding any fill-ups.