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This is your file:

But take a look at your data. There is probably something wrong. You've got probably one of your fill-up marked as full. Or you've got really bad fuel consumption on one. But mostly if I see such a numbers there is something wrong. I changed this fill-up to be partial and fuel consumption looks normal. 

Send me your file. I'll fix it for you. 


I hope this is fixed in 2.4.0. Please, let us know!

This should be fixed (but I was sure it was already fixed, maybe I put the wrong file...).

This is basic Fuelio sample:

You need to put .csv file at path /SDCARD/Fuelio/fuelio-csv/

If you have phone with SDCARD - directory named Fuelio should be there. If you have phone without SDCARD, you have SDCARD directory and at the same path you'll find Fuelio files.

If you have PRO version - you can use directories in your Dropbox/Apps/Fuelio/backup-csv/ directory.


I can confirm. There is something wrong with GPS. I'm rewriting the whole GPS classes. I hope I'll be able to fix it. 


Geocoder implementation seems to be buggy. 

To save your position GPS and INTERNET active. Are you sure you have it enabled?

If you don't have internet connection Geocoder in Android cannot find city name based on latitude. 

I found one bug in my implementation. I'll try to release fix within next version of Fuelio (this will be 2.4).


I'll try to find wha't wrong with GPS options.

Please mail me. You've probably imported old .db backup to in new version. Database schema changed in new version.

It won't happen again - now when I'll change database schema export filename will change. 

Just send me your .db file. Export your data to .db and I'll upgrade your database manually. 

Yes. I forgot to tell you that. This should fix your problem.Like I said before. In future this shoudn't happen.