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I don't know how to handle this. This is Google's request and it shows you notification from Google servers (only once). 

Try to change your Google account - reauth.

Dropbox API is much better in my opinion.

I'm using new Google Drive API which is still beta. I know there can be sometimes such errors.

Try to go back to Dashboard, and then again goto Google Drive. 

If you linked you account - that's great. And one more thing. If you have seen "Permission requested ...". Did you tap on it. Google should show you permission to Google Drive and you should accept it.

You should also see Fuelio in your Google Account apps permission. 

Make sure you have a good internet connection and tap "Send to Google Drive" few more times.

In the next realease I'll update Google Play Services library (because there is new version from Google). 

This should be fixed (but I was sure it was already fixed, maybe I put the wrong file...).


I saw your comment in Play Store. But on 99% it is not Fuelio's fault. At the moment I've got signal with this crash only from you.

Probably there's something wrong with your ROM. Do you have official CM10.1? Is your device listed on CM page?

If not, I know there are many forks of CM which works not so good. Other tip, the crash could be also connected with GApps package. After installing CM ROM you need to install GApps package (google apps + libraries). 

You should have the latest GApps for your ROM. You'll find information on CM page. Otherwise you could have problems also with other apps.

JB is the most popular version of Android using Fuelio.

I coudn't find reports from you, or I don't know which one is it. If you see crash error, report it and enter there your name. I'll have information this is for (if I'll find it). If there is something wrong with your GApps there could be information for example that the problem is connected with Google Maps API. Because Maps API is in CM's GApps package.

CM could be very buggy if this is not official version.

OK. Now I've got a moment to answer to your question.

Truly, I'm thinking about removing this item from the log screen and put it only in stats.

The values I'm giving you should be fine if you have many full fill-ups. Error should be really small.

I can't choose the price from the first (previous) fill-up in all cases. It's hard to write a good algorithm for that. Your  calculations are OK for this example. But average stats should be also OK using mine. 

With your algorithm everything will be ruined if you have partial fill-ups. 

If there are concerns, maybe I should remove this value from the log? What do you think? And I'll leave only average values in Stats?

There is still something wrong with your second fill-up. Fuel consumption cannot be 0. 

Like I said before. Don't count first fill-up. I don't know how many km you've driven in the first fill-up (it is based on total odometer). That's why there is no cost if the first fill-up and you only see it in the second one.

But about your (text) example. You're right. I'll take a look closer at it.

This is strange. Remember that first fill-up in Fuelio is used as initial data. 

km/l: 0 - this is strange.

Maybe there is something wrong with log's cache.

There's a small trick for cleaning cache in Fuelio:

1. Go to "Add" screen. Tap on "Add" button with empty form. You'll see error info.

2. Go to "Stats". Now it should recalculate your log.

See the fuel consumption values now.

Are all your fill-ups full? I see they're all checked as "Full" but there are small amounts of fuel. Is this correct?

Fuelio is calculating fuel consumption based on full fillups. If you will check fill-up as "full" and it's not actually full - the numbers will be wrong.