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Cost log items where cost == "0" not displayed

Doug Melton 6 років тому оновлений 6 років тому 2
I have a cost type "waypoint" to keep track of my odometer and location throughout the day. When I set the cost = "0" for these items, they aren't displayed on the "cost log" list, sometimes. Is there a way to hide/show cost == "0" costs?
Under review
There is no such option. Can you give me more detailed use case how do you see it?

After further inspection, the only way I notice this is by importing this CSV:


The two waypoint items at the bottom ("missing 1", "missing 2") don't show up in the app's UI. If I change the cost to "0.0001" for those two items, they'll show up in the app. Those two rows I created manually. The other 3 rows were created by export from fuelio. But I don't see a difference between the ones I manually created and the ones exported from the app.