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Multiple Issues concerning Usability

Bernhard Kirchen 10 лет назад обновлен Adrian 9 лет назад 3
Some other things I noticed while switching to the app today:
  • (love the "add" widget in the PRO version of the app which allows the user to configure which car the new entry is added to. however,) fuelio should remember the last selected car or it should have a default car so that when the app is killed and restarted, the desired car is selected automatically. otherwise, people need to always check whether the correct car is selected when a new entry is added.
  • scrolling in the mileage list performs very badly
  • when editing an entry, the heading reads "Add", but it should read "Edit" or something, at least IMHO ;p
  • one can add a new car but not enter any name or description. such an entry in the list of cars is very confusing.



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  1. I'm thinking about adding in "Settings" "Default Car". I was also thinking about adding (something like "add" widget in PRO version) possibility to create shortcut not only to "Add" view but to others view ex. Mileage Log. You cound create shortcuts for all of your cars.
  2. Scrolling should be fine. There is no cache only after adding fill-up. This is on my TODO list, but at the moment its priority is not hight. Try to run "Stats", app will calculate some of your data and the go to "Mileage Log". Now performance should be OK.
  3. Yes. This is actually Activity Name. This should be easy to change
  4. I don't understand the last one issue.
  1. setting "default car" would be nice. actually more than only nice to have...
  2. true, after selecting stats review, scrolling performance is okay (but only after that).
  3. k
  4. add a new car, leave out name and description. change into mileage view. open dropdown selection for car selection, see ugly emty line.

I have another small intent. Maybe it is best placed within here, due to usability topic.

When calling the ADD dialog, which is nicely designed, the checkboxes overlay the text "full tank" and "save GPS position". Also, personally, I'd like to have a new date format DD.MM.YYYY. Only DD-MM-YYY is possible, which I dislike. When I select a certain format, the add dialog doesn't seem to catch that change.

cheers from Germany


EDIT: The 2.5.1 update which came out just today fixes the checkbox padding. Nice! :-)

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