Immediate crash on selecting any Google Drive option

Andrew Fidel 8 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Adrian 8 lat temu 6

Selecting any option under Google Drive results in an immediate force close.

ICS 4.0.4

Current Google Drive app installed

WiFi connection

Do you have custom rom? Do you have Google Play Services installed? Do you accept Google permission? 

No, stock rom or Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE

Play services are installed

Accepted permissions, though the app force closed before the prompt even came up the first time.

Hmm.. If you can please send me report (after error) with your name. This could be tricky to debug. 

You can't click on choose account button? 

If I choose my account, close the app, go back into options and select google drive, it pops up the account selection box again. If I select my account and do any action it crashes. I submitted the force close report once.

Ah, just checked the debug log and there was a SQLLite error "no such column: Costs.idR:"

OK. So I know where's the problem. Mail me (mail in Google Play store on fuelio.mobi page).

Send me your .db export. I'll fix it for you. This was very old bug in older version of Fuelio. 

Export to .db and me this file. 

I need to fix your database schema.