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Issues with Back

Nikos Platis 5 lat temu zaktualizowano 5 lat temu 2

Using version 5.4.0 I observe that pressing Android's Back button on the main screen, sometimes takes me again to the main screen instead of exiting the program.

For example, from the main screen go to the Vehicles screen, simply press Back to go to the main screen, and press Back again. The screen looks like it is swiped down but it is there again.

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This is not the issue. If you are in the home screen - back = exit. If you are in Vehicles it is back to homescreen. Dashboard is root view.

Or you are telling me that after clicking on dashboard you see Vehicles section somehow?


Please follow the following steps exactly:

  1. Open Fuelio - you are on the home screen
  2. Go to the Vehicles screen
  3. Do nothing, just press Back - you are back on the home screen
  4. Press Back - Fuelio should exit but it doesn't: the home screen is swiped down and re-appears!
  5. Press Back once more - now Fuelio exits.

Tested on two devices, one Nexus 4 with "Fake Nexus" Android M ROM, and one Motorola Moto G 2015 completely stock (Android L). On the Moto G, Fuelio had not been installed before.