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Particular Views and Decimal Point make the App crash

Bernhard Kirchen 9 year бұрын updated by Adrian 9 year бұрын 2
Here are two recreatable scenarios in which I found the app to be crashing.
  • when pressing the home button, changing the foreground application (application switcher in ICS) or locking the screen while fuelio is in the vehicles view, the app crashes as soon as it is resumed (by clicking the launcher icon, switching back to the app or unlocking the screen, respectively). same behavior if one opens the settings view, presses "export csv" leaving the dialog open.
  • when adding a new entry, after putting in the fuel amount value, the application crashes as soon as the field price/l is selected and a dot is put in (to indicate a price/l lower than 1 <currency>; it should interpret an input like ".98" as "0.98"). works fine when entering the value for price/l first and the amount of fuel afterwards.

I would appreciate if this could be fixed ;)


Thanks for your reports.

  • I can't reproduce first issue on my device. I thought this bug was killed in the newest version.
  • Second issue - confirmed. I never use this format ".98". Unfortunatelly default format is with leading "zero" before dot. But I'll try to fix this. 
  • hm, that's odd, because I can reproduce it any time. I use a Galaxy Nexus (maguro) with Cyanogenmod 9 (nightly build 2012-06-19), which is android 4.0.4. anything I can do to help identifying the problem?
  • would be nice, if fixed. please note again that it works fine when entering the price/l first (like ".98") and then entering the amount of fuel, but not the other way around. that's why I suspect some defect in the app's logic rather than an error while processing the actual number.