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No speed data in Travel log when using Android Auto.

Da Niel 6 mánuður síðan Uppfært 6 mánuður síðan 6

No speed data is recorded when using app in background while using Android Auto. GPS track and height information are fine however.

Average speed seems to work, maximum speed showing wrong data.

Version 7.7.7 b11

Under review

Hi. Interesting. I got Pixel 4XL and I'm using phone with Android Auto. Just checking my last trips. 

I'll check it tomorrow once again.

Please, record next trip and see.

Check also if you have free space on your device.

To generate speed chart we need files that are parsed. If there's a problem with space - it could be the issue.

What's also possible - just phone gps issues. Restart your phone to make sure it will boot again.

There is appr. 380GB free space on the phone, which should be enough. GPS tracking was working fine until yesterday when I switched cars and used Android Auto for the first time. Phone is a Galaxy S10+. If I zoom on the map the GPS track matches perfectly... it*s just the speed missing.
Will try again tomorrow on a longer trip.

Please, restart phone before it to make sure gps module will re-init. 

We are saving values to text file, then we analyze it. It looks like somewhere were wrong with speed values - but it's taken from gps module so we can't do anything here. 
Everything else looks fine. If other values would be wrong - we can talk about some bug but it looks like your phone gave all the data except speed. 

But we'll see. I'll check it tomorrow also with conected to usb.

So, Phone restarted and downgraded to the non-beta version 7.7.6 from the Play Store.

Image 1: Connected via USB to Ford Sync 3 for Android Auto functionality - no speed data, but correct gps track and height information. The first spike is before I plugged the USB cable in.

Image 2: Same route reverse but not connected via USB to Android Auto. Screen shows correct information.