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Trip Autostart Issues

Yuriy Samorodov 11 mánuður síðan updated by Ian Downie 2 mánuður síðan 3

Fuelio does not seem to start trip automatically once the phone gets connected to a specific Bluetooth node although that particular node is visible through Fuelio settings and car entertainment system accepts phone calls no problem

Car: Geely Atlas

Phone: OnePlus 5T

Android: 90.11

I have been using this app for some months now and it seems that the latest upgrade has caused the autostart function to stop working. Last recorded trip was on 9 January.

Under review

Could you check autostart setting? Maybe bluetooth device changed? Permissions?
We didn't change autostart feature - it's still based on same broadcast receiver method. 

Maybe you get update to your phone?

Please remember that new Android introduced some new permission change model. You need to add different location permission if you want to use autostart.

Please, check also this: https://dontkillmyapp.com/

It's possible that after phone update some permission settings or settings related with battery management changed.

Thanks for your prompt reply Adrian

You were correct, the battery permission was turned off after an Android update, which is annoying.

I have turned it on and it is working.

Kind regards