Order of entries is not by date

Gábor Kovács-Palkó 8 years ago updated by Adrian 8 years ago 5

I've entered my fill-ups from last year one after each other based on my excel sheet.

I've always added the dates, but fuelio does not sort them by date. It seems to sort them by the order I've entered them, which was not exactly the date order. (After all, I'm human)

It especially visible in the odometer graph, when it seems I've been reversing at some times :)

That's strange. Your log should be sorted by date and odometer. Maybe you've got error in your log. You shoudn't have newer fill-ups with lower odometer values.

Sorting order is ODO and then DATE. 

Well, forget it... Order is based on odometer and I just mixed up some numbers.

Just read your answer, thanks for the help!

I have the same problem and since I use trip value it does not do the sorting correctly

I need to create some info when you are adding first fill-up.

First fill-up is initial and you need to enter odo counter value. From now, you can use trip counter and everything should be OK.

You need to edit your entries. It's easy to fix.