Backup to Dropbox creates incorrect name

Don DeFreese 8 years ago updated by Adrian 8 years ago 1

I have two vehicles set in Fuelio - default and one called 'Jeep'.

When performing a backup to Dropbox, the file vehicle-2-sync.cvs is created.

Now factory reset your phone, reinstall Fuelio and the pro key.

Select the Dropbox Backup/Download from Dropbox. The vehicle name will now be 'Vehicle 2' rather than 'Jeep'. The backup should retain whatever you name your vehicle and comments. I have to go in and change the name manually and add the comments again. I was hoping to use the comments to hold VIN and license plate but can't rely on retaining it in the backup.

Yes. I know about that. This is connected to Fuelio CSV format. I'll think about that - how to change the format to be compatible with the previous versions.