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No restore from SD

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I installed Fuelio on a new S4 mini, then I installed the SD will the data-base from my old Xperia Neo. The DB is there but Fuelio cannot find it.
Don't worry if you have your backup.
Probably you are putting backup file in wrong folder.

On S4 probably by default /sdcard/ folder is on primary memory. You need to put files from your SD to directory /sdcard/Fuelio/

Ditto on this problem, were Fuelio can't find the data backed-up.

I moved from an original Galaxy S to an S4, and I took the SD card across too. I have several files in my directory structures:

\Phone\Fuelio (on new S4) is totally empty.

\Card\Fuelio\backup-db (sd card) has
fuelio5.db(biggest of the 3 databases)

Copying the contents of \Card\Fuelio\backup-db to \Phone\Fuelio\backup-db didn't make it find it either.

Can you specifically tell me which file goes where for it to find the backup? Is the fuelio5.db the one it will restore from (all have same date)?

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OK. So you have your files. That's great. fuelio5.db is the newest one. But it is backup in old format. In new Fuelio there is fuelio6.db. This is database version. But don't worry. Send me this fuelio5.db file and I'll convert it for you. DB backup is OK but CSV is more reliable. 

The newest version of Fuelio is looking for fuelio6.db file. That's why you can't find it. But like I said. Send it to me. I'll convert it to the latest version and everything should be fine.
Excellent! I appreciate that. Sending via gmail shortly...
I have the same problem. Restore doesn't find files both on SD or Internal cards, when they're located in app folder. Doesn't find backup file to restore also from own backup folder. Pls advise.
Run Fuelio and choose Settings / Export.
You should see /Fuelio/ directory in your /sdcard/ directory (not always yout SD CARD). Use for example file manager to see it.  
It doesn't work. My files are v5 and export from the app is v7 - maybe that's the reason?
Yes. That's why csv is more reliable. But it's not such a big problem. Send me your fuelio5.db. I'll convert it to you to version 7.
Where can I email it to? Thnx.
My mail is on http://fuel.io site. Or just put here a link to your .db file (link for example from Dropbox, Google Drive).
I've just emailed you the file. Thnx in advance.

having same problems here, but my case was a bit different, the app was installed on my SD card, and did a wipe out on the phone, but I did remove the SD card before doing so, now when i re installed the fuelio app back, the data was lost, i was assuming that it would come back once opened, maybe you can help. thanks