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New version crashes / does not start at all

Eero Rossinen 6 år siden opdateret af Jukka Haanpää 6 år siden 13
My device is Samsung S4
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Hi. This could be data related. Do you have backup? I can send you old apk. But I'm interested in your data. Maybe you have incomplete database schema.
Do you want me to send you a data file? Which file? To which email? 
The one from play store. Do you have backup? Csv or db file with your data (fillups). How long do you use Fuelio? How old Fuelio user are you? 
Another question. Do you have pro version? If this is very old bug you could try uninstall key, run app to check if it's OK, send me backup. This way we will exclude this is old bug. 
Do not uninstall main app. You will loose data (if you don't have backup) 
Same problem here with my galaxy s4.
After update app doesn't start at all.
Pro user.
1 month in use.
Do  you have backup? If yes. Try to uninstall and install it again. I'm curious if you could reproduce this after new install. I've got S4 with old data and I haven't got problems. Maybe this is data related. Hard to say. If you can send me report using "Report" button after the crash - please leave your name there. Would be helpful.
I dont have backup so maybe i'll just wait for next update.
Report button after crash doesn't do anything or i just cant see it.
I will try uninstalling the pro key later today.
Please also try to add widget to your homescreen and use it to run Fuelio. It should start add screen. Try to start Fuelio like that.
Adding through widget works but app crashes when it's home screen is selected.
OK. I want to fix this bug. Mail me please.
It would be great if you can send me (by mail) bug report. Take a look at this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zvyEeFuXAg

You should be able to activate bug report settings and use it. Just run it, then try to run Fuelio (few times) and wait for info. It will create txt file with logs. Send me them

Ok. I will get back to you later today when i have time for it.
Just sent the report to your gmail address.

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