Charts show wrong units and only 5 data points on fuel consumption

Grant Windes 8 år siden opdateret af Adrian 8 år siden 2

Lately when I first open the app it will show my charts in Liters when I use gallons and the fuel consumption chart only shows 5 previous fill ups with all others showing the full amount.

Restarting the app solves the units problem and properly switches to Gallons. However, it still shows fuel consumption for past 5 fill ups.

Device Info:

Nexus 4

Android 4.3

App Info:

version 3.1.2


Love the app! First app I've ever bought without the usage of gift cards.

This is probably cache problem.

Go to "Add screen". Tap on "Add" with empty inputs. You will see error. That's OK. Now go to Stats from menu drawer. It will recalculate your data.

Go to "Charts" and see if it helps.

Awesome! That fix worked as described. 

Do you know if that mean it's fixed or will it reappear? If I see it again I'll update this thread.

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