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jeff 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 4

Even though I have selected miles android app display km until it toggle between vehicles

Under review

Could you tell me where? What do you mean by "toggle"?

Your vehicle is set to "miles" and you see "km" (for example at Dashboard). After selecting from Menu - Fuel Log - Stats?

All of my vehicles are set to miles. When I first open the app the mileage log appears. In that log KM is displayed not miles. If I select another vehicle it displays in miles properly. If I go back to the first vehicle it too now displays in miles.

OK. So the way to reproduce it.

Open app:
1. Vehicles set to miles

2. Go to Fuel Log

Units are set to km, right?

It was the first opening of the app or for example it was restore from background?

Could you reproduce it also after closing app - from tasks - remove app from running apps, open the app.

My apologies but I can no longer reproduce my issue.